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#TheReadingQuest: First Adventure

Today was my turn to clean the common areas of the house. I laid on my bed for about a couple of hours after waking up, reading the Harry Potter fanfiction I was making my way through. Then I remembered...

The quest starts today.

I ran my errands, finished said fanfiction, watched some foundation reviews on YouTube (the redness of my face is getting to that point where I can't pretend to not be bothered by it anymore) and then, armed with my Kindle as my lance, I got on to completing my first challenge.

1. A book with a verb in its title. 

This is the second square in the knight's challenges, but I decided to start here as it was the shortest book in my TBR and with all the stress of all the other work I have to do, I felt like the satisfaction of finishing something on the first day was the necessary push to feel like I can take on this adventure.

If you saw my TBR post, you'll know that for this challenge I chose We Should All be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.


The Reading Quest

New month, new reading! 
I've been in the library for extended periods of time the past couple of days working away on my dissertation, so when I came back home today I decided to just chill, read a little, watch some YouTube...which is when I saw Little Book Owl's latest video where I learned about #TheReadingQuest!
This is a four-week long, video game based reading challenge created by Aentee from Read at Midnight where each participant chooses a character, and tries to complete their character's challenges or quests! 
Here's the link to the challenge, which has a much better explanation than mine plus a link to the sign up page!
This challenge sounded like so much fun, there's so much in it that I love: books, fantasy, adventure...the mere length of it makes it feel like an epic reading voyage, so I couldn't pass this up!
My chosen character class is the Knight as I loved all of the challenges from that row and knights seem to be my life at the moment (my di…