I know that writing "About" pages in third person sounds more professional...but it feels a bit awkward and it also doesn't feel like "me" to be...fancy.

So, hello! I'm Cynthia, but you can call me Cindy (please do, that way I won't feel like you're mad at me and using my full name because of it!). I'm originally from Mexico City, the big metropolis, where we build houses on any kind of terrain resulting in the worst kind of urban layout. But it's home.

Academically, I'm an art historian who then went on to do an MA in Medieval Studies, which is what brought me to the UK, that and a BIG fascination for the country ever since I was a wee lass (am I learning regionalisms? finally?!) after reading Harry Potter and watching way too many hours of interior design programmes...which were also not very good but I digress.

I love art. Art is my passion. Art is my life. I wanted to be an artist ever since I was little and decided to expand the limits of my paper to the walls -and got told off because of it- but after my more...theoretical degree, I've decided to work in a museum by day and create art by night. I don't really have job yet, but we're getting there, we're getting there.

I've always considered myself a creative person. I love experimenting with all kinds of mediums. This has led me to invest time (and money, I'm not going to lie) in photography, video making, traditional art, music and writing.

I started a YouTube channel within the realm of Booktube three years ago, which is currently on hiatus as I felt that it was limiting my creativity. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE reading and I LOVE books and I do consider this as a safe and happy place. But there's also so much more to me...

So welcome to this space! My blog! Where I share all kinds of endeavors and a reflection of what's important to me right here, right now.


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